Another BvS Criticism and Blog Update

Greetings Fans,

I ran across this on the Internet and just had to share it. I was laughing the entire time. For anyone who loves movies, check out the Nostalgia Critics; his videos are always entertaining.

I also wanted to provide a quick update. We’ve got a lot of subjects to cover. I will be providing a review of The Hunstman: Winter’s War as soon as it hits theaters. I be looking at Game Of Thrones in anticipation of the upcoming season premiere. I will be exploring the slash phenomenon, and the practice of vidding within the next week.


Ok, well I Just wanted everyone to be aware of what’s coming. As always, if you have any requests, just shoot an email or leave a comment in the section below the post.


Later Fans,

© She-Who-Hangs-Out-In-Cemeteries





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